The Zachariah Anderson Murder Case A Story of Jealousy and Death

Find out more about the Zachariah Anderson murder case if you are looking for a compelling true crime tale. In this case, a missing body, a jealous ex-boyfriend, and a bloody home are all involved. In this article, we will give you a detailed timeline of the events that led to the conviction of Zachariah Anderson for the murder of Rosalio Gutierrez Jr. We will also explain the evidence, the defense, and the verdict in this shocking case. We will also discuss the victim’s family’s reactions and the killer’s outcome. By the end of this article, you will have a thorough understanding of the Zachariah Anderson murder investigation and the reasons it drew the public’s and the media’s attention. Therefore, let us begin.

Rosalio Gutierrez Jr. Goes Missing

On May 17, 2020, Gutierrez was last observed or heard from. After meeting Beacham online, he had been dating her for about two months.  After a challenging relationship that lasted more than 10 years, Beacham broke up with Anderson in January 2020. Anderson attempted to reconcile with Beacham numerous times after their breakup but was unsuccessful.

Beacham could not reach Gutierrez by phone or text on May 19, 2020, so she went to his house to see how he was doing. Blood was on the floor, furniture, and ceiling of the house, and the patio door was open. Additionally, she observed that the house was missing a rug. In response to her call, the police searched the house.

Someone had murdered Gutierrez and removed his body from the house. The police discovered a lot of blood and evidence of a struggle in the house. They also found his phone, wallet, and keys missing. They opened a murder investigation and identified Anderson as a suspect.

The Proof Against Zachariah Anderson

The residences of Anderson, Gutierrez, and other individuals provided the police with evidence. They also spoke with those who knew them, including Beacham, the children, and coworkers of Anderson, as well as the friends and family of Gutierrez. They learned that Anderson had been tracking Gutierrez for weeks before the murder, using a variety of techniques to keep tabs on his whereabouts and activities.

According to the evidence presented at the trial:

  • Beacham’s car was equipped with a GPS tracker that Anderson frequently used to follow her to Gutierrez’s house.
  • To spy on Beacham and record her conversations with Gutierrez, Anderson asked his 15-year-old daughter. 
  • On April 24, 2020, Anderwent went to Gutierrez’s house and watched Beacham and Gutierrez through the window. Additionally, he photographed Gutierrez’s registration and license plate while searching through his truck.
  • Anderson repeatedly called Gutierrez from various phone numbers and left insulting voicemails for him.
  • Anderson had also bought things that could be used to kill or get rid of a body, such as bleach, gloves, duct tape, and garbage bags.
  • On May 18, 2020, Anderson rented a storage unit where he kept some of his belongings and perhaps some evidence about the murder.
  • Anderson lied to the police about where he was and what he did on the day of the murder. He said he was at work all day, but his co-workers said he came late and left early.
  • Anderson had blood on his shoes and clothes that matched Gutierrez’s DNA.

The Defense Plan

Anderson claimed that he was innocent of all charges. By claiming that there was no concrete evidence connecting him to the crime scene or the body, his defense team attempted to cast doubt on the attorneys’ case before the jury. They also attempted to suggest that Gutierrez’s disappearance might have been caused by other individuals or things.

In the defense’s view:

  • Beacham’s car’s GPS tracker was malfunctioning and not displaying the correct locations or times.
  • Due to their lack of compatibility and her desire to live with her mother, the daughter who spoke out against Anderson was not being fair to him.
  • Anderson called Gutierrez and left voicemails for him, but they were not malicious calls or messages; they were attempts to talk to Gutierrez about Beacham and their children.
  • It was not out of concern or curiosity that Anderson looked up information about Gutierrez online.
  • In contrast to the murder, Anderson’s purchases and rentals were for his own needs or those of his job.
  • The blood on Anderson’s shoes and clothing did not come from Gutierrez; rather, it came from a cut on his hand that he sustained at work.
  • Anderson’s hands and face were scratched, but they were not from a fight; rather, they were from his cat or his job.
  • The police neglected to follow up on other leads or suspects, like Gutierrez’s ex-wife, who had a violent past with him, or his drug dealer, who had a motive to harm him.

Defense witnesses asserted Anderson’s innocence. They said Gutierrez was either still alive or died from natural causes or bad play by someone else. They said the lawyers had no direct proof that Anderson killed Gutierrez or hid his body.

The Verdict and the Sentence

The jury thought for about 10 hours before reaching a verdict on March 22, 2023. They found Anderson guilty of first-degree murder, hiding a body, and following. He showed no emotion as the verdict was read out in court.

For the murder charge, Anderson risks life in prison without the possibility of parole. In addition, the charge of concealing a body carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, and the subsequent charge carries a maximum sentence of 3.5 years. The date of his sentence is May 16, 2023.

To honor the fan, members of Gutierrez’s family wore Chicago Cubs attire to the trial. After the verdict, they were grateful and relieved. They described their loved ones as loving, kind, and generous.  According to them, justice had been served for him at last. To properly bury him, they also hoped Anderson would reveal the location of his body.


The Zachariah Anderson murder case is a tragic and unsettling example of how obsession and jealousy can result in violence and death. The main details of this case, including Rosalio Gutierrez Jr.’s disappearance and Zachariah Anderson’s ruling, have been covered.  Additionally, we have covered the prosecution’s case, the killer’s defense, and the punishment. Additionally, we have expressed the feelings and expectations of the victim’s family, who are still awaiting the return of their loved one’s body. We hope that this article has provided you with a thorough and enlightening summary of the Zachariah Anderson murder case, including its most infamous elements. I appreciate your reading.

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